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ELMA Elmasonic S Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath

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07 / 12 / 2019
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1 Unit


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Detail ELMA Elmasonic S Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath

The special functions, features and advantages The Elmasonic S units are available in 13 different sizes, ranging from 0.5 liter ( approx. 0.1 gal or 0.5 quart) up to 90 liter ( approx. 24 gal) . They are equipped with efficient 37 kHz ultrasonic high-performance transducers of the latest generation. The optional dry run proof heating supports the cleaning process. The cleaning tanks are made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel. The operating panel is user-friendly and arranged so that no liquid can enter the electronics. The Degas function allows a quicker degassing of the cleaning liquid. Another advantage is the time-controlled „ Autodegas" function for the ef. cient degassing of freshly mixed cleaning liquids. For safety reasons, the unit automatically switches off after 12 hours. The removable mains cable with mains plug allows easy and safe transportation. ( except S 450H & S 900H) . Elmasonic S ultrasonic units in proven Elma quality „ Made in Germany" The cleaning process can be switched on by hand or automatically ( temperaturecontrolled) . With the temperature turning knob the temperature can be set between 30° and 80° C in steps of 5° . Both set and actual temperature of the liquid are indicated by LED display. ( excl. S 10 / H) . The newly developed cover reduces the noise and accelerates the heating-up process. When turned over, the cover can be used as drip-off basin. The collected cleaning liquid can be emptied back into the tank. The set cleaning period and the remaining cleaning time are both indicated by LED display. ( excl. S 10 / H) . The optional Sweep function guarantees an optimum sound field distribution in the cleaning bath due to a modulation of the frequencies. The turning knob for the pre-selection of the cleaning period can be turned to permanent operation or short-time operation. The turning knob on the side allows an easy draining of the cleaning liquid through the drain duct on the back of the unit.* The carrying handles are made of ergonomically shaped plastic.*
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